Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Here We Go Again . . .Again

Wow. Where does the time go. I have no idea. A few weeks (months) ago, I said I was going to lose that last 10 before Memorial Day. Well, guess what. I haven't. But I'm holding steady. At 130. That's 33 pounds - and I've just hit a year since I've seriously started this weight loss journey. I've pretty much been holding here since Feb or so, and to be honest, that is fine with me. Of course I'd like to lose that 10 more, but I have never ever been a size 6 before and I plan on keeping this size (or less) for a while. So rather than looking at how sucky I've been at keeping my diet, let's take a look at things I've been doing right.

-- I've been getting to the gym - just about every day. I've missed maybe two days in the last month. At least 30 min on the elliptical, some weight training, and meeting with a personal trainer once a week.
-- I've been adding a second workout - a walk - about twice a week. I could probably do more, but with the kids out of school, its a little rough.
-- I drink some water every day. Mostly when I work out, but its at least 4 - 6 glasses.
-- I eat breakfast. My "go to" breakfast is two patties of turkey sausage - only 7 grams of fat, no carbs, a little spicy, and ready in 40 seconds. Gotta love it.
-- I'm getting a pretty good lunch or dinner too. Lunch is a lot of salad, mostly baby spinach with chicken. Dinner is almost always a grilled meat and a raw veggie.

OK - so here's the bad, or the diametrically-opposed-to-my-weight-loss-plan actions:
-- Baking! Baking! Baking! As you can probably tell by my most recent blog posts, I've been baking - bread, cookies, cupcakes, desserts. And I haven't even posted half of it! If I just wouldn't eat the results!!! I do share a lot, but I just love baking!
-- Getting through half the day with no carbs and then snacking on something bad (usually something I baked) half way through the day, ruining my morning. Ugh! I know that for me, personally, the 3:00 - 6:00 time is the roughest time of the day for my snacking. I've got to get some veggies or slices of turkey or something better around.
--I'm now headed for a couple of weeks vacation in New Orleans - that mean daiquiris, fried fish, sno-balls, mayonnaise, and Mandarin Chicken. The key will be for me to go walking (in 110 heat index) everyday, or finding a way to get a guess pass to the gym. I'm sorry, I can't give up my daiquiri or shrimp po-boy. That means I've got to bust some ass to not add 10 pounds while I'm gone.

So recently I bought this totally hot pair of jeans - and I sweartagawd I'm gonna wear 'em forever, so that means more gym, less tasting and baking.

So eating habits are taking a back seat to exercise lately, but I'll be back on track after New Orleans. Promise. Again.

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