Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sausage and Veggie Frittata

I love recipes like this - I was able to use so many things in my fridge. Like the buy one, get one free dozen eggs. The leftover turkey sausage. The last bit of mozzarella. That zucchini I kept meaning to eat. This was a perfect recipe for a low-carb diet - and would work for breakfast or dinner.

Sausage and Veggie Frittata

1T Butter
1/4 cup onion
1/4 cup red bell pepper
2/3 cup cooked Italian sausage (crumbled)
1 small zucchini, sliced
1 small tomato, chopped or sliced
8 eggs
2/3 cup milk
1 T TSG Over The Edge Herbed Spinach *
1 cup shredded cheese (I used mix of mozzarella, pepper jack and parmesan)
1/4 block of cream cheese

Preheat oven to 400. Heat olive oil and butter in oven proof skillet (I used an 8" cast iron pot). Saute onion in oil and butter. Add peppers and zucchini and saute for a few minutes.

In another bowl, combine eggs, milk and Herbed Spinach seasoning. Add cheese and stir. Add sausage, then pour over veggies in cast iron pan. Remove pan from heat. Dollop cream cheese on top of the egg mixture. Top with slices or chunks of tomato.

Place pot in oven and bake for 25 minutes. (A wider pan would take less cooking time.) Frittata will be slightly brown around the edges and firm in the middle. I also broiled mine for a couple of minutes to brown the top. Let stand for five minutes after taking out of the oven.

Also today:

Breakfast: One of those Atkins breakfast bars. It had peanut butter. Hope I don't get salmonella.

Lunch: Salad with chicken and roasted veggies (not very many) from Trader Joe's.

I didn't even have time to snack today.

Oh, I didn't lose any weight last week. WTF? I weighed exactly the same. And this weekend is not looking good. (Didn't I say the same thing yesterday?)

Probably no post tomorrow - I'm going to a friend's for dinner and I'm not sure if she'd appreciate me snapping a pic of her salad.

* - TSG is going out of business. Can't get TSG Over The Edge Herbed Spinach? Try Tastefully Simple's Spinach seasoning. Or just add some dill, parsley and salt. You can order the TSG items for about two more weeks at http://www.gourmetwithme.com .


The Duo Dishes said...

Yum sausage. It's a dream!

Sorry about no weight loss. The female half of the Duo is a WW member, so she knows all about the ups and downs and plateaus! You always break through. G'luck!

JenRay said...

Wow! The Frittata looks wonderful and I'm a consultant with Tastefully Simple so I will try it with the Spinach and Herb Mix added to it. From one Catholic girl to another, thanks for the great recipe ideas!

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