Friday, January 23, 2009

Stir Fry and Pizza

Well, this has been quite a week. I've hardly been home for a meal it seems. And I've conquered quite a few tempations (with special thanks to my old friend Tara). This morning my daughter and her friend wanted to make and decorate brownies - lots and lots of icing! Brownies are hard to resist. But I did it!

Then I went to the deli for a few hours to get some work done - and that means Challah bread and bagels. Again, no cheating!! Yea for me!

Then to my friend Lisa's for dinner with the kids - homemade pizza. Stop already! You're killing me!! Luckily I brought a salad and we added some sliced turkey to it, and I just ate the tops of a pizza - cheese, sauce, tomatoes and basil. Just enough to satisfy the craving.

I'm really trying to make it through this weekend with basically no carbs. I'm having a little Mardi Gras party on February 7 and I don't think I can pass up a slice of king cake.

Today for lunch I ate some left over stir fry with chicken, bamboo shoots, red and green pepper, water chestnuts, white and black sesame seeds and black bean and garlic sauce.
On to the weekend!


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