Sunday, January 18, 2009

Today's Low Carb Menu - 1/18/09

Well , I know you're only supposed to get on the scale once a week, but right now I'm too obsessed. As of this morning I've lost 7 lbs since January 5. I had to check anyway because I really should buy a digital scale. I'm sure it will tell me my current scale is wrong. Maybe that's why I haven't bought one yet.

A little about my diet - I've basically ruled out bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, flour and sugar. Whaaaaat? So, right now I'm not even doing whole grain bread, brown rice, and all those other good for you complex carbohydrates that still make you want to eat a big giant bagel or baked potato. I'm getting carbs from vegetables, nuts, beans, dairy - and whatever random carbs happen to be in some of the processed things I eat.\

So I long will I go on like this? Probably until I go to New Orleans at the end of February for Mardi Gras. You really don't expect me to pass up a fried shrimp po-boy, do you?

Breakfast - One and a half eggs with one slice of ham and some shredded cheddar cheese

Lunch - I think I just ate some of the leftover broccoli slaw and one slice of pepper jack cheese.

Snack - Some of yesterday's Buffalo Chicken Dip and celery sticks.

Dinner - Almond and Pecan encrusted boneless chicken breasts, pan fried. I know I had fish the same way yesterday, but I wanted to use of the rest of the coating.

Oh, and I had a very small piece of friendship bread before bed. No one else in my house is eating it, and it was just calling my name.


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