Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today's menu 1/21/09 (and yesterday, too)

I completely ran out of time yesterday to post my little diary. I spent the morning at the deli, the early afternoon watch inauguration stuff, then leading the brownie scout meeting and then playing bunco. I barely had enough time to post that picture of the big, huge corned beef sandwich, which by the way, I ate the insides of for lunch. Oh, not all of it - that was one huge sandwich.

Breakfast - nothing!! I've got to stop that.
Lunch - Corned beef from Schmaltz and broccoli slaw.
Dinner - Turkey and broccoli slaw.

I am now officially out of broccoli slaw - I love that stuff! It was bunco where I probably blew the day. I stayed away from all the snacks - even Molly's amazing blueberry white chocolate crumble bars, and snacked on red peppers and pepper jack cheese. Oh, plus had lots of red wine!! Haven't gotten on the new digital scale yet today, but will do in just bit.

As for today, I promise to eat breakfast. I'm going to a friend's for dinner tonight so I'm not sure what I'm having, but she promised to keep it low-carb friendly.


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